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About us


Paul Davitt​

Retired from the US Army, now working as the Operations Manager at CalOre Produce after receiving his degree from OIT. 


Paul is the labor force of our exhibition.  Well not really, he does know a lot about honey bees and gladly shares it. 


The honey tasting station is his favorite.  Visitors are always amazed at the varieties, colors, and some of the taste surprises.  Did you know that Buckwheat honey is almost black in color and tastes like molasses?   

Katharina Davitt

The hands on girl.  She came from Germany with an engineering degree, but loves to talk about honey bees.  She is currently the regional coordinator, one of the instructors, and mentors for the Oregon State University Master Beekeeper Program.


Katharina does not only sets up presentations and events, she also builds a lot of things.  The honey tasting station above is one of her creations.  She is also an artist and you will see it in some of her items.


To the left you can see her giving a safety briefing to a youth gardening group before they went into the field looking into bee hives.  Most of them were relaxed enough to hold a frame full of bees in their hands.  Most importantly nobody got stung.

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