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Living with Honey Bees?

We are passionate about honey bees.  We care about our pet honey bees, while we are not commercial honey producers.  As hobbiest we do care about the health and wellbeing of our bees.  We work them gently, do not use harsh chemical treatments to keep them healthy.  We prefer an organic aproach and pamper our bees. 


Honey bees are in decline world wide.  It has reached proportions of not being a viable income for beekeepers any longer.  Many of the large operations are shutting down as a result of that.  This has lead to a shortage when it comes to pollinating crops and we are seing it in the increased cost of fruits and vegetables.  Anyone can help with very minor steps.  Buy honey locally, support bee clubs, sponsor bee hives, or take the plunge and have your own bees.  I promise it is rewarding.

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