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Beekeeping Program Returns for Second Year

Samantha Tipler November 20, 2014


Oregon State University's one year program open to beginners.

Klamath Life Magazine

Tristan Hegler April/May 2014


Cracking open the hive -- the springtime reveal

The Davitts did not know exactly what they will find when they cracked open one of their honey bees hives in March, for the first time since the fall.  Did the bees thrive through the winter?  Did mites or other predators and parasites take too large of a toll?  Did a weak queen fail to keep her brood growing?

Herald and News Paper

Samantha Tippler August 2013


A hive of Carniolan bees visits KCC. 

A honey bee exhibit at the Klamath Community College.

Bee Culture Magazine

January 2012


Make a beeyard bench for working your hives.

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